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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Defect

Class Action Lawsuit For Galaxy Buds Allergic Reaction

We are investigating a potential class action lawsuit for an alleged defect in Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro headphones. It’s been reported that these Samsung Earbuds have a defect that results in owners having an allergic reaction to the material used in the Galaxy Earbuds, sometimes resulting in irritation, redness, flaking skin or puss formation.  It has also been reported that some individuals who have contacted Samsung about this issue have recommended that they purchase aftermarket foam tips to put on the Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds, to try to create a barrier between the skin and the earbuds themselves.  Others have been told that there is nothing that Samsung can do about this issue.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Allergic Reaction Lawyers

If you have purchased the Samsung Galaxy Buds and have had a reaction like those described above and are interested in learning how we can help, please provide the following information: