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Class Action Lawsuit Regarding Electrical Defect in Subaru Vehicles

We have filed a proposed class action lawsuit for an alleged defect in certain Subaru vehicles. It’s been reported that these vehicles have a defect that results in vehicles that will not start and with dead batteries.  This battery defect may affect the following Subaru vehicles:  model year 2015-19 Outback, 2015-19 WRX, 2015-19 Forester, 2015-19 Legacy and 2019 Ascent vehicles.

It has been alleged that even when vehicle owners present their vehicles for repair during the warranty period, Subaru informs them that the electrical defect does not exist and the battery simply needs to be recharged in an effort to evade its warranty obligations. Subaru’s warranty practices thus invariably force Plaintiffs and Class members to pay out of pocket for premature battery replacement, regardless of whether the vehicles still were under warranty when the defective electrical system first manifested.

Subaru Battery Defect Law Firm

If you are a current or former owner of any of the above Subaru vehicles and you are interested in learning more about how we can help, please provide the following information: