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Mesh Erosion Caused by Vaginal Mesh and Bladder Sling Implants

Mesh erosion is one of the most common complications associated with the Gynecare Prolift, TVT, Bard Avaulta, Boston Scientific Pinnacle and Uphold, AMS Apogee, Perigee, and Elevate, and other pelvic mesh products. Transvaginal mesh and bladder sling mesh can erode into the vagina, bladder, intestines, rectum, uterus and other vital organs. Mesh erosion can cause significant complications including pain, bleeding, infection, vaginal odor, and discharge. Mesh erosion can also result in dyspareunia, uncomfortable and painful sexual intercourse for both you and your partner, In fact, in some cases sexual intercourse may be impossible. When vaginal mesh erodes, physicians may recommend the application of a steroid cream (such as Premarin Cream) to the affected area or attempt to trim the eroded or exposed mesh during in-office procedures. When such conservative treatments are unsuccessful in treating the mesh erosion and additional mesh complications are present, further surgery may be necessary.

If you or a loved one has suffered complications as a result of a transvaginal mesh or bladder sling implant, please contact a Vaginal Mesh Erosion Lawyer today.