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Workplace Injury Lawyer in New Jersey

Compensation for Workplace Injuries in New Jersey

Most employers are required to have workers’ compensation to cover the costs of medical bills and benefits to employees injured in the workplace. A worker injured on the job needs assistance from our attorneys who are experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of workplace injuries. The firm has almost unlimited resources to use throughout a case to get the desired result for injured clients.

Each accident is unique with its own set of circumstances,as is the severity of the resulting injuries. However, common injuries from workplace accidents can include:

  • Sprain, strains, dislocations, fractures
  • Traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, paralysis
  • Internal organ damage, burns, amputations, coma, death

Workplace Injury Law Firm Serving all of NJ

We are experienced and skilled in dealing with workers’ compensation insurance, and understanding the workers’ compensation process. It is important to have a well-versed workplace injury attorney who can protect the interests of clients while dealing with workers’ compensation insurance.

The liable party may be required to pay the injured victim for medical expenses, lost earnings and pain and suffering, among other damages. Many injured workers require rehabilitation before returning to work while others must pursue a new job after occupational counseling and training. There is lot at stake when injured in the workplace. Representation from a trusted workplace injury lawyer can make a difference in the outcome of an injury case.

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