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Mini Cooper CVT Transmission

by | Aug 7, 2015 |

Mini Cooper CVT Transmission Defect Lawyers

We have filed a proposed class action lawsuit regarding BMW Mini Cooper continuously-variable transmission (“CVT”) defects which can lead to catastrophic failure of the transmissions. An article about the lawsuit can be found here. Our investigation reveals that BMW and Mini have not alerted consumers about the CVT defects. As a result, Mini owners and lessees are forced to spend thousands of dollars to repair or replace their transmissions. Recently, a settlement was reached regarding BMW regarding the alleged CVT defect. Under the terms of a proposed class action settlement, you may be entitled to recover up to thousands of dollars under this Class Action Settlement if you have ever owned or leased a:

  1. 2002-2006 MINI Hardtop (R50) (June 11, 2001 through November 28, 2006 production period)that has a Continuously Variable Automatic Transmission (“CVT”); or
  2. 2005-2008 MINI Convertible (R52) (March 6, 2004 through July 31, 2008 production period) that has a CVT.

If you are a past or current owner of one of these vehicles, you should have received a notice in the mail about the settlement and instructions about how to pareticipate. If you did not receive a notice or simply want additional information, please visit the settlement website: https://eclaim.kccllc.net/caclaimforms/bwb/home.aspx Disclaimer: Transmission and receipt of information contained on this web site does not create an attorney-client relationship between the user and Mr. Mendelsohn or our law firm. Only an express written agreement between the user and our law firm can create an attorney-client relationship with our law firm. This web site constitutes an ADVERTISEMENT. Before making your choice of attorney, you should give this matter careful thought. The selection of an attorney is an important decision. If you believe this web site is inaccurate or misleading, you may report same to the committee on Attorney Advertising, Hughes Justice complex, CN 037, Trenton, New Jersey 08625.