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Nationwide Third-Party Energy Fraud Lawyers

In the mid-1990s, many state governments, including New Jersey and New York, implemented policies to deregulate the energy industry to help businesses and consumers save money on energy by relying on the free market to lower prices.  As a result, independent energy service companies (“ESCOs”) began competing with each other and utilities to sell energy to consumers.

Unfortunately, some consumers have fallen victim to the “bait and switch” campaigns from many of these ESCOs who promise savings and do not deliver on that promise.  In fact, some consumers have accused these companies of fraud after discovering that their energy bills have increased from 50% to over 400% more than they would have paid for electric or gas had they stayed with their local utility.

Our law firm is investigating (and in some cases already pursuing) class actions against the following third-party energy providers:

If you or someone you know is a customer of one of the above companies and has recently experienced a dramatic increase in electricity costs, you may be entitled to money damages.  Please fill out the form below for more information:

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