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New Jersey DePuy Hip Recall Lawyers

The DePuy Hip Recall of the DePuy ASR Hip Replacement was announced August 26, 2010 by DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. Our professional lawyers are available to answer any additional questions patients may have about their rights.

The DePuy ASR hip replacements subject to the Depuy Hip recall are both the ASR XL Acetabular System and the ASR Hip Resurfacing System. These DePuy ASR hips have been implanted since 2005 in the United States and since 2001 internationally.

Depuy ASR Hip Revision Surgery
Depuy ASR recall patients may require a painful revision surgery to remove and replace the defective hip implant. DePuy estimates approximately 10,000 patients may need revision surgery, however we believe that this underestimates the number hip revision surgeries that will be necessary.

The DePuy ASR revisions are necessary because the device is defectively designed and manufactured so that high levels of metal ions are released from the Depuy ASR hip. This metal ion release damages tissue, causes pseudotumours, and results in osteolysis requiring hip revision surgery to remove and replace the device. This may happen shortly after the DePuy ASR hip replacement is implanted into the patient or it may take years to occur.

DePuy Hip Revision Patient Profile
The Adverse Event Reports involving the DePuy ASR submitted to the FDA by surgeons performing DePuy hip revision surgeries mention instances of “loosening, pseudotumour and metallosis” / (sic) metalosis. Surgeons have noted upon revision that the DePuy ASR hip cup was “loose and easy to revise”, that the “the cup popped right out” and that “there was no evidence of any bony ingrowth.” This is in spite of the surgeon’s prerevision observation that “The patient was revised to address complaint of extreme pain when weight bearing. X-rays looked good, and cup was in position.”

DePuy Hip Recall Liability Management Program
DePuy is paying surgeons to assist them in getting patients to sign documents for DePuy that allows DePuy to keep the explanted hip implant and to do “testing” on it. The explanted device is a valuable piece of evidence and a patient may not be able to prove a product defect case without the explanted hip device. Patients should be wary of this and not jeopardize their current and future legal rights by signing any documents for DePuy without obtaining independent legal advice. Patients may not realize what they are doing and think they are “just doing what the doctor asked” when they sign the documents. Please realize that your health care insurer is obligated to pay for your revision surgery and testing and it is not necessary for you to sign any documents for DePuy in order to get your revision or testing done. Contact Mr. Mendelsohn before you sign any documents for Depuy!

Monetary Damages and Compensation for DePuy ASR Victims
Depuy ASR hip replacement patients may be eligible for compensation due to the injuries they have suffered as a result of being implanted with the defective DePuy ASR hip replacement. Past and future pain, suffering, medical bills, lost earnings, and disfigurement are among the damages that the patients may be entitled to recover. Mr. Mendelsohn and his firm handles cases on a contingent fee basis. The client is never at risk of paying any money out of pocket. If there is no recovery, there is no fee.

Depuy Hip Recall Attorneys

Mr. Mendelsohn and his firm has represented patients against the manufacturers of defective products from almost every state. In addition, we are well-versed in the litigation tactics and J&J organization as we have pursued cases involving other defective products that they have manufactured. Because DePuy is a subsidiary of J&J, a large number of cases have been consolidated in New Jersey state court. Therefore, no matter what state you live in, your lawsuit may be able to be pursued in NJ.

Doctors Not Sued in Depuy Hip Recall Lawsuits
Mr. Mendelsohn and his firm will not file a lawsuit against any doctor or hospital in the DePuy ASR litigation. We will seek recovery against the manufacturer and distributor of the device.

Time Limitations Will Bar Late Claims
New Jersey Depuy ASR lawsuits must be filed for patients before the legal deadline or the patient’s rights to compensation will be lost.

Free Initial Claim Evaluation and Depuy Hip Recall Information Packet

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