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Our law firm is one of the most highly regarded trial law firms in New Jersey, based on the results achieved and the diverse scope of cases that we handle.  Unlike most trial firms, our practice is not limited to a particular niche or subset of civil litigation, and this versatility sharply increases our capabilities.  Perhaps most important, we have earned a reputation as trial lawyers who will take complex, expensive cases to trial and achieve large verdicts.

In 2014 our law firm was one of twelve firms in the nation named to the “Plaintiffs’ Hot List” by The National Law Journal, one of fifty firms recognized as “America’s Elite Trial Lawyers” by The National Law Journal, and in 2013 we were named “Litigation Department of the Year” by the New Jersey Law Journal.  Additionally, our lawyers have been listed in “Best Lawyers in America,” “New Jersey Superlawyers,” and “Lawdragon 500.”

In addition, Mr. Mendelsohn and/or the attorneys at our law firm have been appointed Class Counsel, Lead Counsel and Liaison Counsel in various matters, including: In re Nissan Radiator/Transmission Cooler Litigation, (S.D.N.Y. 10-cv-7493-VLB)(nationwide class action settlement on behalf of more than 800,000 class members relating to defects in the radiator which caused catastrophic transmission failure); Zakskorn v. American Honda Motor Co., Inc., (E.D. Cal. 2:11-cv-2610-KJM-KJN)(appointed co-lead class counsel in nationwide class action settlement on behalf of 1.68 million class members involving alleged brake defects in certain Honda Civic vehicles); Aarons v. BMW of North America, LLC, (C.D. Cal. 2:11-cv-7667-PSG-CW)(nationwide class action settlement involving transmission failure in certain Mini Cooper vehicles); Keegan v. American Honda Motor Co., Inc., (C.D. Cal. 2:10-cv-09508-MMM-AJW)(certification of a multi-state class of Honda owners and lessees regarding alleged suspension defect causing irregular and premature tire wear; Dewey v. Volkswagen, (D.N.J. 07-CV-2249-FSH-PS) (comprehensive automotive class action settlement involving 3 million vehicles owned or leased by approximately 5.5 million Class Members over the course of 12 years, providing a unique set of monetary and non-monetary benefits); Alin v. American Honda Motor Co., Inc., (D.N.J. 2:08-cv-04825)(nationwide class action settlement on behalf of hundreds of thousands of Honda vehicle owners alleging defects in their vehicles air-conditioning systems).

Our firm’s business model is distinct from the majority of plaintiff firms.  We are very selective about the cases that we take on and limit our caseload so that we can devote the assets necessary to maximize the recovery on each case.  Unlike most firms, this is not a “volume business” to us.  We pride ourselves on the personal attention and detail that we are able to provide to our clients.