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Nationwide Alloderm Hernia Mesh Lawyer

AlloDerm has been linked to serious injuries in patients. If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of a procedure involving AlloDerm, our Alloderm Mesh Attorneys can help you vindicate your legal rights. An Alloderm Hernia Mesh Lawyer familiar can help you decide whether to pursue an AlloDerm lawsuit. Contact Alloderm Skin Graft Mesh Counsel immediately for a free consulatation.

What is Alloderm?

AlloDerm is a type of skin grafting product which is manufactured by the LifeCell Corporation, a bioengineering company headquarted in New Jersey. AlloDerm was developed by LifeCell in 1994, and was touted for its ability to provide a safe alternative to traditional skin grafting. However, AlloDerm has recently been identified as presenting serious risks to patients. Some of the risks and medical complications posed by AlloDerm include life-threatening infections, abscesses, bruising and contusions, swelling, recurrence of hernia, extreme discomfort, and the necessity for additional, corrective surgeries.

AlloDerm is made from cadaver dermis that undergoes an extensive processing system under which all the cells are removed in order to ensure that an individual’s body does not reject it. AlloDerm is used for a variety of medical procedures. The medical procedures in which AlloDerm is primarily utilized include: hernia repairs, breast reconstruction following mastectomies, treatment for severe burns or lacerations, and head and neck plastic reconstruction and grafting. Unfortunately, many patients do not know that the mesh is being used in their surgeries.

FDA Warnings about Hernia Mesh Use

In October 2008, the F.D.A. released a public health notification and statement to patients nationwide on the use of surgical mesh for hernia repairs. The announcement came after several patients reported claims of product failure of the mesh, in the Composix Kugel Hernia Patch. Since December 2010, five medical manufacturers of mesh devices which were implanted by medical professionals and surgical teams to repair an abdominal hernia have had the shortest follow-up period and an increasingly high rate of failure compared to patients who have used other devices.

Alloderm Hernia Mesh Repair Risks

One notable failure associated with AlloDerm involves the repair of hernias. A hernia occurs when the lining of an organ is opened, causing the organ to protrude from it. Unfortunately, many people who’ve been treated with AlloDerm have negative side effects The most frequently reported medical device problems with mesh were:

  • Mesh explanted due to recall (6 reports)
  • Ring breakage (4 reports)
  • Mesh tear (4 reports)
  • Defective mesh (3 reports)
  • Mesh perforation (3 reports)
  • Adhesion issue (2 reports)
  • Mesh erosion (2 reports)

Fortunately no patient deaths were reported. Common AlloDerm patient injuries were reported in half of the patients. They include:

  • Additional surgical procedure required (18 reports)
  • Infection (5 reports)
  • Abscess (4 reports)
  • Pain/soreness (3 reports)
  • Inflammation/swelling (3 reports)

Cases Consolidated in New Jersey State Court

On July 12, 2011, the Supreme Court of New Jersey approved centralized management of cases involving AlloDerm Regenerative Tissue Matrix. The cases have been consolidated in New Jersey Superior Court in Middlesex County before the Honorable Jessica R. Mayer, J.S.C. Information about the consolidated cases can be found here. As a result, no matter where you live, your case may be able to be filed in New Jersey where our firm is located. Therefore we are currently accepting AlloDerm Regenerative Tissue Matrix cases on behalf of individuals that live in all 50 states.

Contact an Alloderm Mesh Attorney

If you or a loved one has suffered painful side effects caused by AlloDerm, or has had to undergo additional surgeries as a result of a defective patch, you may want to speak with a Alloderm Mesh Lawyer concerning a potential AlloDerm case. Mr. Mendelsohn and the attorneys at his firm have significant experience in surgical mesh liability cases. In fact, recently his firm was appointed co-lead counsel in hundreds of cases filed against a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson for another mesh product. Contact an AlloDerm Surgical Mesh Lawyer today for a free consultation.

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