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New Jersey Whistle Blower & Qui Tam Lawsuits

Every year, billions of dollars in United States and New Jersey government contracts are awarded to private parties for work in national defense, road and bridge construction, and other areas. Millions of dollars more are paid out to parties  in Medicare and Medicaid fraud or to settle legal claims and lawsuits filed against the federal government. Unfortunately, many of these transactions are fraudulent and harm the  government by overpaying for services, paying for services that never were  provided or paying to settle fraudulent civil lawsuits and Medicare/Medicaid costs.

To fight against private parties defrauding the federal  government and State of New Jersey, law makers have long relied on qui tam laws, which empower private  parties to file lawsuits on behalf of the government seeking to recover  financial damages .  “Qui tam” is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase “He who sues on behalf  of the King, as well as for himself.”

If you live in New Jersey and want to  act as a whistle blower under qui tam laws, contact Mr. Mendelsohn to learn what legal rights you may have.

Filing a Qui Tam Lawsuit

Any person who knows of fraud against the United States or New Jersey government can file a lawsuit in a  federal or state court against the company or person who is suspected of defrauding the  government. Once filed, the person’s lawsuit is reviewed by a government attorneys and if the case is found to have merits, the government takes over  prosecution of the case. It is imperative that your qui tam lawsuit is prepared  properly by an experienced, qualified litigator. Our law firm can  appoint a whistle blower or qui tam lawyer to assist you.

Grounds for a Qui Tam Lawsuit

While there are many circumstances that can give rise to a  legitimate qui tam lawsuit on behalf of the United States government or New Jersey government, the most  common instances that form the basis for such lawsuits include:

  • Preparing a false record,  statement or bill to receive a false or fraudulent claim paid by the government
  • Conspiring with another party to  receive a false or fraudulent claim paid by the government
  • Holding or concealing government  property intending to permanently defraud the government
  • Creating or delivering a false or  fraudulent receipt for government property
  • Fraudulently buying property of  the government from someone who is not authorized to sell the property for the  government
  • Making a false statement to  fraudulently avoid paying a debt to the government or to avoid delivering  property to the government
  • Causing someone else to submit a  false or fraudulent claim to the government

Qui Tam Damages

If the government successfully prosecutes the party that is responsible for the  fraud, substantial financial damages are ordered and the party who filed the  qui tam lawsuit can receive up to 30% of the damages award. In some cases,  parties who initiated a qui tam lawsuit have been awarded tens of millions of dollars when  the case is resolved.

In order to receive financial damages, you must present a  meritorious qui tam lawsuit that is properly organized and presented so that the allegations can be proven by governmental prosecutors. For residents of New Jersey whistleblower and qui tam lawyer from our firm has the expertise, resources and knowledge to  assist you in preparing a lawsuit that can earn you the largest financial  damages award possible.

Contact a New Jersey Whistleblower Attorney Today

Whistle blower lawsuits filed on behalf of the New Jersey or the United States  government can help prevent government fraud while netting the citizen who  raises the complaint millions of dollars in damages. If you live in the New Jersey metropolitan region, a qui tam lawyer can represent you in your lawsuit. Contact a New Jersey Whistleblower Lawyer  to discuss your legal rights.