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Dyspareunia and Mesh Complication Lawyers

Dyspareunia is defined as painful sexual intercourse. According to DSM-IV, the diagnosis of dyspareunia is made when the patient complains of recurrent or persistent genital pain before, during, or after sexual intercourse that is not caused by a lack of lubrication or infection.

In patients who have had pelvic mesh slings implanted, this pain is typically caused by complications as a result of the mesh augmentation surgery. As a result of the transvaginal mesh implant women can experience painful complications such as scar tissue formation, mesh erosion, fistula formation and infections. Any of thee complications can cause pain and increased sensitivity. If that occurs, sexual intercourse can become too painful or even impossible to accomplish due to dyspareunia.

Dyspareunia Treatment Options

  • Treating underlying conditions: If your dyspareunia is being caused by mesh erosion or an infection as a result of your mesh implant, treating the mesh erosion and infection can help with your pain.
  • Lubricants: A water-based lubricant may help ease discomfort and friction. However, make sure that you avoid oil-based lubricants, such as petroleum jelly, since they dissolve the latex in condoms (if you are using them) and may actually promote vaginal infection.
  • Desensitization therapy: During this therapy, you learn vaginal relaxation exercises that can decrease pain. Your therapist may recommend pelvic floor exercises (Kegel exercises), pelvic floor physical therapy or other techniques to decrease pain with intercourse.
  • Counseling or sex therapy: If sex has been painful for a long time, you may experience a negative emotional response to sexual stimulation even after treatment. Talking to a sex therapist or a counselor can help resolve these issues.
  • Surgery: When the above options do not help with dyspareunia or the other painful bladder sling complications, it may be necessary to have additional surgery. Many of our clients have successfully minimized their pain by having some or all of the original mesh implant removed. Mesh removal surgery can be a long and multi-stage process with significant risks. Before considering such a procedure you should ensure that you consult with a surgeon experienced in removing failed vaginal mesh implants.

Contact a Vaginal Mesh and Bladder Sling Lawyer

We have been contacted by hundreds of women who experience severe dyspareunia due to mesh implants, some who can no longer have sex with their significant other. In addition to the obvious psychological trauma this can cause, dyspareunia can have devastating effects on your relationship. Although, most spouses are very understanding, the inability to make love can stress and tension in your relationship.

If you or your loved one suffers from dyspareunia or other mesh complications pelvic mesh lawyers who understand what you are going through and can help you navigate the legal system during this difficult time.

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