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Medical Product Liability Attorney

A number of life-saving medical devices have turned out to be crippling or even life-threatening because of poor design and testing, defective components, improper implantation or misrepresentation of “rare but serious” side effects.

If your family member suffered permanent damage or died because of a defective medical product, contact a New Jersey Defective Medical Device Lawyer at (973) 228-0391. We offer a free consultation, and will take cases throughout the United States.

Experienced in Medical Device Litigation

Mr. Mendelsohn and our lawyers represent individuals against some of the largest medical device manufacturers in the country. We can evaluate your possible claim relating to any medical device, including dangerous products for which there has already been a recall:

We have the experience and resources to take on major manufacturers of medical devices in pursuit of rightful damages for our clients. We have handled complex, multi-district litigation and class action lawsuits. We hire experts in product engineering and manufacturing, surgical implantation, medical electronics and related fields to demonstrate the failure and to establish a connection between the device and the adverse patient outcome.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective or dangerous medical device, contact a New Jersey Defective Device Lawyer today for a free consultation.