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Does your car have an manufacturing of design defect?

Mr. Mendelsohn has significant experience representing vehicle owners throughout the country in automobile defect lawsuits involving parts that fail prematurely, dangerous safety defects, and other vehicle problems. Our attorneys have litigated class action lawsuits against Volkswagen, Audi, Honda, Acura, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Nissan and Acura. Mr. Mendelsohn has been involved in successfully negotiating a variety of class action settlements for victims of automotive defects, including free repairs, cash reimbursements, warranty practice reforms and new maintenance recommendations.

Does your car or vehicle have an auto defect? Fill out the form below or call (973) 228-0391 to speak with an auto defect attorney.

Laws Involving Auto Defects, Car Accidents, and Injuries

We have represented consumers in a variety of automotive defect cases dealing with violations of consumer protection laws, as well as personal injury lawsuits. Federal and state consumer laws provide protections to owners and lessees for legal claims involving:

Does your car or vehicle have an auto defect? Fill out the form below or call (973) 228-0391 to speak with an auto defect attorney.

Motor Vehicle Lawyers: Auto Class Action Experience & Results

We have represented millions of vehicle owners and delivered significant recoveries and benefits ranging from cash reimbursements to free repairs. Examples of some of our past and present cases include:

Volkswagen and Audi Defective Sunroof and Plenum Drain Class Action

Certain VW and Audi vehicles were alleged to have a defect in their water drainage systems that resulted in water ingress into the vehicle interior which damaged crucial electrical components resulting in expensive repairs. We were able to achieve a settlement valued at approximately $80 million which provided cash reimbursements for out of pocket expenses, free vehicle inspections and modifications of the drainage system, and updated maintenance instructions.

Honda Odyssey, CR-V and Acura TSX Air-Conditioner Defects Class Action

Certain years of the above vehicles have an increased propensity for failure of their A/C compressors or condensers, resulting in expensive repairs that are frequently not covered under warranty. This case in still pending.

Mercedes E Class, R Class, ML Class and GL Class Water Leak Class Actions

We have filed proposed class action lawsuits against Mercedes-Benz relating to reported design defects in the water drainage systems used in the above vehicles. Due to the reported defects in these vehicles’ water drainage systems, water enters their cabins, causing damage to their interiors and electrical systems, sometimes resulting in engine failure. Our investigation reveals that Mercedes-Benz typically denies warranty coverage for repairs caused by these defects, claiming they were caused by an “outside influence.” These cases are pending.

Nissan Pathfinder, Frontier and Xterra Radiator Defect Class Action

The above vehicles, model years 2005 to present all contain defects in their radiators. Due to the reported defects in these vehicles’ radiators, the interior components of the radiators break down allowing coolant to mix with the transmission fluid. As a result of the contamination, the transmission and other drivetrain components are damaged and may require replacement. After this lawsuit was filed, Nissan voluntarily extended the warranty to 80,000 miles.

Volvo Water Leak Lawsuit involving XC90, S40, S60, V70 and Other Vehicles

Our law firm has filed a Class Action lawsuit regarding design defects affecting numerous Volvo vehicles, model years 2003 to present. Due to the reported defects in the sunroof drain systems, water entersthe interior of the affected vehicles causing significant damage. Our investigation reveals that Volvo typically denies warranty claims for these repairs.

Honda Civic Premature Tire and Brake Wear Class Actions

We have filed proposed class actions with regard to the above issues. Due to the reported defects the rear tires can suffer from “cupping” and premature tire wear. In addition, the brakes also fail prematurely. Our investigation reveals that Honda sometimes denies warranty coverage for repairs caused by these defects.

Report a Car or Auto Defect to our Class Action Attorneys

To report a potential case or auto defect, please fill out the form below or call (973) 228-0391 to speak with an auto defect attorney.

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